Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lira Clinical BB Creme & Bronzer

Designed with the purpose of brightening and rejuvenating skin, Lira Clinical has been a leader in developing medical grade skincare products that yield results. Formulated without parabens and assured to have the quality natural ingredients, Lira Clinical strives to give clients lasting results.

I was given the opportunity to try the BB Bronze, Tint, Brite and Noir shades. Each is a BB creme or can be used as a bronzer based on your skin tone. Each cream contains powerful brightening agents, spf 30 (8.5% Zinc Oxide & 6.8% Titanium Dioxide) and Plant Stem Cell technology. The formula is very creamy, smooth upon application, moisturizing, evens skin tone well and the sunblock is very effective and reliable against UVA and UVB rays here in LA. Packed with anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients, this cream is an excellent choice for those with post peel or microdermabrasion or with hypersensitive skin. The unscented formulation is gentle on skin and is also a great addition to an anti aging skin regime.

BB Brite, the lightest shade works excellent as an under eye primer and concealer, as it contains skin brightening ingredients Mulberry and Arbutin.

BB Tint is a neutral shade for medium skin tones. Can be used for as a concealer for golden girls.

BB Bronze is excellent for medium to dark skin tones. I found this product to be a great bronze and contour product!

BB Noir is for dark skin tones. A great contour cream for brown girls too, so pass this along!

I would love to see a shade available with a yellow undertone soon.

You can expect to get up to full coverage with this cream, but it's all about how you apply it. If you want a sheer coverage, dot sparingly on face and buff into skin. For medium-full coverage I like to apply the cream to the back of my hand and warm it up prior to buffing onto my skin with a flat top brush. You won't need much product, as the cream is pigment rich as shown below, these bottles will last 12 months at least!

                                                Top to Bottom: BB Brite, Noir, Tint, Bronze.

Products Provided by Lira Clinical. This review is my honest opinion.

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