Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ultrasound Skin Scrubber

With all the new skincare technology being released each year, it makes you wonder which one actually works? I recently took a advanced class on ultrasound for skin. I came to class with a substancial amount of irritation from a hydroquinone treatment. After using the ultrasound on myself, my irritation cleared and healed much faster. My random papules cleared and my skin was baby soft! I was immediately hooked. The ultrasound machine uses sonic waves that vibrate at 1 million vibrations per second. The stainless steel scrubber brush oscillates as it glides across your skin. This offers a extremely deep cleansing and increased circulation of the skin.

The main benefits of the ultrasound skin scrubber include, helps carry away inflammatory agents & allergens from the skin and helps bring oxygen, nutrients into the skin. The ultrasound skin scrubber is applied between 1mhz-3mhz. A higher frequency does not mean better results, but overuse can damage tissue. By using the ultrasound skin scrubber you will get a extra deep cleansing and evidence of dirt, oil, debri will remain on the edge of the scrubber wand. It may sound gross, but after you get all the gunk out of your skin, you will be ecstatic with the final outcome of your skin.

Benefits of Ultrasound Treatments
Improves blood circulation
Increases cell regeneration (Collagen and Elastin)
Improves acne, congested, oily skin and reduces pore size
Soothes inflammation and speeds wound healing
Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
Aides in product penetration
Firms tissue
Reduces hyperpigmentation, melasma and sun damage
Reduces puffiness
Helps hold moisture in skin
Can relax muscles
Can improve appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
Helps break up scars, including keloids

The ultrasound machine has four modalities, including cleanse, peeling, lifting, and toning. Cleanse is great for thin and sensitive skin. Peeling is great for acne, oily and congested skin. Lifting and Toning will give a tightening affect to the skin. The wand requires a conductive gel to reach skin and increase circulation. Aloe Vera gel or your favorite serum works well, allowing the wand to glide across skin and increase circulation. Not only does this wonder tool remove dirt, oil, debri from your pores, its also can give a non-invasive skin tightening effect. It can target structures in the dermis and subcutaneous (where collagen and elastin are found) and stimulate production. Feel free to ask your esthetician to focus on a specific area, like the jowls or lower face-ultrasound gives a great tightening effect. Ultrasound can be used on the face and body, but not around the eyes.
Ultrasound treatments are available at most day spas and medical spas today. You can even purchase your own skin scrubber by Bliss 'Pore'-Fector gadget.   

Have a Great Wax Experience!

At first thought, waxing may sound very painful, but if done correctly it does not have be a painful experience. Waxing is a temporary form of epilation, removes hair from the bottom of the follicle. This service typically lasts between 3-4 weeks, depending on hair growth. Waxing will not make hair grow back thicker, but finer and more sparse.  Sugaring, threading and tweezing are other forms of epilation. Sugaring is made of sugar base, unlike wax commonly made of resin or beeswax. Threading loops around the hair at the bulb of the hair and pulls hair from the root. Shaving and chemical hair removers are considered depilation, removing hair at or below the surface of the skin. Waxing may be may desirable because the lasting effects are much longer and less irritating on the skin.

There are two types of waxes, strip aka soft wax and hard wax. Strip wax is spread thinly onto skin and immediately bonded with a muslin or pellon strip. Wax should not be applied more then once to avoid removing skin.  This wax can be made of a resin, beeswax, or paraffin. Hard wax is applied thick and shrink wraps the hair to be removed, creating a more gentle service. The wax cools on the skin and a strip is not used. This wax can be applied more then more then one time in the same area.  Both types of waxes can contain soothing or conditioning ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, lavender (be careful most people are sensitive or allergic), azulene or chamomile. Be sure to do a patch test if the wax has added fragrance or essential oils.

There are a few things you should look into before waxing. A waxer should always wear gloves and never touch your skin with a bare hand. To prevent contamination between clients, your waxer should not double dip their wax stick. What is double dipping? Apply wax to a client and use the same stick in the wax pot. This is continuously contaminating the wax pot. The heat from the wax pot does not kill germs or bacteria. A fresh stick should be used each time, sure that means a lot of sticks but its clean and sanitary. Always look to see how clean the wax area, wax pot and client seating is. A clean and neat area will be the most comfortable and sanitary wax experience.

Are you using exfoliating products, recent chemical peel, injectables, cosmetic surgery, history of fever blisters or cold sores, acne, use hydroquinone, vitamin A topical, retinol, retin-a type products, topical or oral acne/cortisone medication, accutane, sensitive skin, sunburn, rosacea, scented body wash or lotion, have your menstrual cycle, diabetes, blood thinning medication or cancer? You may not be a good candidate for waxing as the skin is already too thin and the wax could lift skin. Woman during their menstrual cycle are extra sensitive and I would suggest getting bikini waxes after their cycle has finishes and not right before to prevent any discomfort for them. If you have a serious medical condition, it would be best to ask your doctor if they are okay with you getting waxed. Estheticians do ask for doctors notes if you are under medical care to prevent further problems. We want to make sure our clients are comfortable and leave happy.

Removing hair leaves you with silky smooth skin, but even after the service it is great to take care of your skin, exfoliate, moisturize and prevent ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair are uncomfortable hairs that have come to the surface of the skin and have been cover by skin that needed to be exfoliated. It will look like the hair is laying flat against your skin. Tweezing and can't grab the hair? It may be a ingrown hair. I suggest using a fine exfoliant (not a coarse granular exfoliant.) The European Wax Center has a great line including, body wash, exfoliant, ingrown hair serum, body lotion that are very popular and work very well used on a daily basis. To soothe irritation after waxing or facial waxing apply some hydroquitosone cream.

Beauty Obsession of the Day: Thandie Newton

 This post goes nicely with the idol makeup look: fresh, natural and glowing.  I admire Thandie Newton as an actress and envy her fabulous skin.  She always looks chic and natural, never over done.  Cleanse with Olay Cleansing System to deep cleanse skin and exfoliate.  To achieve fresh glowing skin exfoliate with a fine scrub (not a coarse granular scrub) 1-2x a week, more for oily/acneic skin.  A antioxidant serum like PCA Skin A&C Synergy Serum is a great cell regeneration product for brighter, tighter, stronger skin! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty Obsession of the Day: Fresh Glowing Skin & Makeup

I love a natural makeup look and glowing skin.  I do not feel like a mask of makeup is necessary to look "hot".  Caking on makeup will not make your skin look better in the long run, it will further clog your pores.  A light foundation or even just a concealer will work when using the correct techniques.  

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Power of Benzoyl Peroxide

My forehead is a major problem area and I have been struggling with congested skin in this area.  I made another change to my skincare regime.  I have been using Kaiser Permanente Benzoyl Peroxide 5% cleanser (found at Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy $5) mixed with PCA Blemish Control Bar once a day.  Just a nickel size and I add the cleanser on top of the Blemish Control Bar (also contains sulfur, exfoliates skin, heals & dries blemishes.)  I have used benzoyl peroxide in the past with great results, but had stopped use, because of possible skin irritation and I was put on prescription acne medications that were very drying.  

Benzoyl Peroxide is the only product that can go into the follicle and kill acne bacteria, p.acnes.  It releases free radical oxygen that kills p.acnes bacteria (cannot live in the presence of oxygen).  Benzoyl Peroxide flushes out out acne impactions, sterilizes follicle, and decreases bacteria irritation.  Do not overuse, because it can be very drying and cause skin irritation. 

Because I mix a Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser with a Salicylic Acid Cleanser, this has a drying affect on my skin.  I apply up to 3 layers on my moisturizer, PCA Clearskin to reduce any dryness and keep my skin hydrated.  I do not spot treat with Benzoyl Peroxide, because it can bleach skin.  If you have brown skin, I do not recommend this, you could develop light spots because of the bleaching affect.  I spot treat blemishes with PCA Acne Gel (salicylic acid) and Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.

My skin has dramatically changed within the past 4 days of using Benzoyl Peroxide.  My entire face is smoother and forehead congestion is loosening up.  I have been able to extract the stubborn impactions, leaving me with smoother and healthier skin.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick


Because I am a makeup fiend and I love trying new products..I am constantly looking at foundations.  A girl can have more then one favorite foundation!  I was walking aimlessly through the mall when I came across the Bobbi Brown makeup counter.  Browsing her makeup is like a child in a candy store for me.  I just gotta have it all!  I was originally drawn to the brand, because her foundations have a yellow base, instead of pink.  I love all her books, follow on twitter and subscribe on Youtube.  Her looks on the runways blow me away.  She has a great eye and I love that her makeup gives woman a natural and healthy look.  This makes Bobbi Brown my favorite cosmetic line.

I have tried BB foundations in the past and but the formulation was sheer.  Natural (I LOVE) but sheer.  I needed to find something with more coverage for my hyperpigmentation & hypopigmentation.  As I am looking at the display, I see the foundation stick.  It is a cream foundation and offer's high coverage.  This foundation can be hard to blend with foundation brushes though.  I prefer fingers, so I can warm the product up and blend.  The BB associate tested a color on me and voila PERFECT match.  Blend, blend, blend.  Just the right amount of yellow undertones (but a little on the orange side).  My shade is "Golden".  The foundation looks natural, a bit shiny, great coverage, not too heavy, has not broken me out, and is almost perfect.  Bobbi Brown please make a light golden shade!  Golden is a tad too orange and oxidizes, honey is too light and warm almond is strange on my skin.

The foundation does seem to slip off my skin though, so make sure to set it with a powder.  This foundation is not meant for very oily skin and is great for dry skin & normal skin.  I look forward to trying her powders & bronzers next!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beauty Obsession of the Day: Orange Eyeshadow

It's no secret that my favorite color is orange.  I recently saw a photo of Scarlett Johansson and loved her copper-orange eyeshadow!  I love this orange eyeshadow trend, whether subtle or dramatic- I LOVE IT!  I subscribe to two lovely gals on Youtube who offer great tutorials on orange eyeshadow looks, colouredbeautiful & sunnishinee.



Oily Skin: It's Not a Curse

Oily skin is caused by the overactive sebaceous (oil) glands that produce too much oil and in most cases pores are visibly large.  It can feel dirty and look greasy.  During puberty, pregnancy and menopause our hormones start fluctuating, producing more sebum (oil). During this time, androgens (male hormones) are at a high causing the over production of sebum.  As we age, we produce less sebum. This is the reason you had acne in high school and it may have diminished into your 20's.  What's the good news about oily skin?  Oily skin ages much slower then other skin types!

Why is my skin so OILY?
  • Hormones & Pregnancy: Oily skin will increase anytime hormones are fluctuating, including during pregnancy, menopause and using birth control pills.
  • Hereditary: If your parents have oily skin, chances are you do too.
  • Diet: I have noticed through out the years, what will make me food, anything high in sugar, dairy.  Everyone is different, but is most cases, these are the main triggers for acne. 
  • Humid & hot weather: Humidity and warm hot weather irritate and swell sebaceous glands, causing them to produce even more sebum.  Moisture in the air makes the skin even more sticky and very prone to clogging. 
  • Birth control pills:  Birth control pills offer higher does of estrogen (female hormones) to balance out the raging androgens (male hormones).  Androgens are what drive our oil production up.  
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics containing oil attracts oil, bringing oil to the surface of the skin.  Synthetic ingredients can clog pores.  Mac cosmetics are a HUGE culprit for acne.
Oily Skin Tips
  • Don't over cleanse skin or use harsh products to strip skin of oil.  This will cause skin to overcompensate and produce even MORE oil.  Choose a gentle oil free cleanser (2x a day) like Murad Clarifying Cleanser.  Your skin should not feel tight and dry after cleansing.  DO NOT USE SOAP-it clogs pores and leaves a film on skin.
  • Cleanse with warm or tepid water, NOT hot water.  Hot water strips skin of its natural oil and will produce more oil.
  • 1-2X a week use a clay/mud based mask like Murad Clarifying Mask to absorb oil and purify skin. Makes a great overnight spot treatment too!
  • Avoid eating fast food, fried food, processed & junk food, anything with a lot of sugar, dairy, soda, and artificial coloring.  Choose water to flush your system and eat healthy fruits,veggies, grains, proteins, ect.  Your skin will thank you for it!
  • Drink Green tea to detoxify your body.
  • Carry oil absorbing sheets with you.  Don't reapply more power, it will contaminate your brush/sponge, look chalky and possibly cause breakouts.
  • Don't touch your face, rest your hand on your chin, press your face against cellular phone, headset.  Oil will spread, as well as bacteria causing clogged pores.
  • Use a gentle antiseptic toner containing tea tree oil (will not create more oil & is a natural antiseptic,  great for acne).  Make your own with a few drops of tea tree oil in water.  Mix a new batch 1x a week.
  • Hydrate with a light moisturizer like CeraVe or Murad Perfecting lotion.  Yes, even oily skin needs to be hydrated. 
  • Stop oil in its tracks with a mattifying lotion like, Murad Oil Control Mattifier Spf 15.
  • Choose oil free cosmetics appropriate for oily skin.  Avoid thick formulations, stick foundations, cream to powder cosmetics.  I suggest Bobbi Brown, Tarte, Lorac or Estee Lauder.  Don't reapply powder throughout the day, it will spread oil & bacteria, causing breakouts.
  • Clean your makeup brushes & applicators once a week with warm water and fragrance free liquid anti-bacterial hand cleanser OR unscented liquid dish soap to avoid contamination.
  • Don't forget SPF 30+ everyday Olay spf 30 sensitive skin is great for oily skin. You already have skin that ages slower-protect it =)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Impulse Buys for Bargain Shoppers

Every now and then I like to go to Grocery Outlet & Big Lots in hopes of finding a "interesting" product.  I get a rush from bargain shopping lol.  I might have one thing in particular that I go in to buy, and leave with more then a couple items.  Today I walked in, looking for nothing in particular and purchased Beverly Hills Advanced Youth Recovery, Altaire-Paris Youth Vitamin Cream, St. Ives Mineral Therapy body wash, Clean & Clear morning burst shine control moisturizer. 

 I was surprised to see that the original price for the Beverly Hills Advanced Youth Recovery  was $124.95 for .87oz!  I paid $7.99!  I looked into the brand and the Beverly Hills Skincare Collection is a luxurious age-corrective skin system that uses the most advanced anti-aging ingredients proven to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production, and smooth and hydrate skin for a more youthful appearance.  I had intended to use the cream as a eye cream, but after trying it on my skin I will be slathering this on from my forehead to decollate.  I'm stocking up on this!  It contains natural ingredients, certified organic antioxidants, natural silicone alternatives, and does not contain oil, fragrance, parabens, gluten and fragrance.  I am looking forward to using this luxury cream!

The Altaire Youth Vitamin Cream is very comparable to Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base.  I cannot use the face base because it contains shea butter, a known pore clogging ingredient.  I plan on using the Youth Vitamin Cream as a primer.  The Altaire line blends science with vitamins A,E,C,B5, vegetable DNA and botanicals to effectively fight the signs of aging.  The Youth Vitamin Cream claims to protect against pollution, environmental damage, wake up the skin and contains copper, vitamins E & B5.  The cream leaves a lovely healthy glow on my skin.

St.Ives Mineral Therapy Body Wash copper, to maintain skin tone and elasticity.  Calcium and potassium help to regenerate healthy skin cells.  This product does not contain parabens, phthalates, animal ingredients and is made with natural ingredients.  My skin is extremely sensitive, so it is important I buy hypoallergenic products or double check the label for any potentially irritating ingredients.  My skin loves this body wash!

Clean & Clear Shine Control Moisturizer is something I have seen and just passed up in the past. I figured I would give it a try at $2.99.  Product claims to moisturize all day and have long lasting shine control.  There is also a faint scent.

Organizer's Perfect for Makeup Junkies

Perfect for makeup & jewelry =)

My Jessner Peel Horror Story

Jessner with caution! Before applying any peel a esthetician should take into consideration where the clients skin falls on the Fitzpatrick scale.  I, for example fall between 4-5.  They should also know the clients full ethnic background.  I am African American, Irish, German, and Native American.  Irish & German skin tends to be sensitive.  African American skin needs to be treated even more caution, because the more melanin, the more there is to damage.  Native American skin should also be treated with caution.  While in school, my beauty school instructor told me if someone has Native American background, their skin sensitivity will go up on the Fitzpatrick scale.  This makes my skin EXTREMELY sensitive.  She was right, my skin is very sensitive and should be treated thus.

 About 2 years ago I was looking around for a new spa.  I chose a medical spa to get a peel and asked to get something stronger then a glycolic.  We learn in beauty school that if a treatment is not right for a client, simply let them know that treatment is not appropriate for their skin.  Estheticians can turn away people from a treatment and educate a client on a better one suited for them.  The esthetician said I would be fine getting a Jessner (salicylic acid, lactic acid, resorcinal) and even do a couple layers.  I even got my upper back done. The esthetician added on my lower back, which I did not want.  My lower back had no scars, the skin was flawless.

After the peel my skin seemed fine, I treated it with extra care.  I asked my mom to take a look at my back because it was hurt, felt like a BAD burn.  She started crying and said it looked like I had skin cancer.  This pissed me off.  I told her about the peel and it should heal.  I emailed the esthetician, she suggested I use triple antibiotic on it.  I had no plans to let her "fix it" or make up for it, no thank you.  My upper back healed, but my lower back now has permanent light spots (hypopigmentation).  My FACE is damaged as well, I now have light spots on my cheeks, chin, jaw and some on my neck.  

I feel very angry that someone has permanently damaged my skin.  I take this experience as a greater motivation to educate clients on what is appropriate for their skin and what is NOT.  I am completely comfortable with losing a client, instead of damaging their skin.  I am here to help others, listen to them, and educate them.  Through this experience I have learned its easier and safer to explain why a gentle and less aggressive treatment is safer then a aggressive peel 2-3 layers.  Now that I am a Licensed Esthetician, I will never apply a Jessner on anyone over a Fitzpatrick 3.  I would not feel comfortable doing that.  I know now to take extra caution.

PCA Update Acne & Hyperpigmentation

I have been using PCA products for 30 days now.  When I received my order, I jumped right in and started using each and every product. I have been getting compliments on how good my skin is looking and it feels great!  Then the weather started heating up, not a good combination for my oily/acne prone skin.  The sun has been my enemy for some time now, I usually avoid it at all costs.  I do not want my hyperpigmentation getting any darker.  I have been outside ALOT over the past few weeks, which has altered the color of my skin and is very disappointing.  Not PCA's fault at all.  My face is dramatically clearer, thank you PCA.  I still have some stubborn clogged pores on my forehead and I am in desperate need of a facial with major extractions.  I like to leave that to someone else, as I become antsy working on my own skin.

My skin is very sensitive and was noticing ALOT of peeling and dehydrated skin.  The products are extremely strong for my sensitive skin.  I have eased off using the serums 2x a day to 1x a day & upped the Clear Skin moisturizer.  I then noticed the CeraVe foaming cleanser and moisturizing lotion was causing irritation.  I discontinued use of CeraVe and the irritation vanished. 

My current Day regime:
1) Cleanse with blemish bar w/ Olay Cleansing brush- I am in LOVE with both!
2)  Apply THIN layer of Acne gel all over face or spot treat-can be too aggressive and burn skin if too much is used. Add pigment gel every other day.
3) Clearskin moisturizer-gives my skin a shiny appearance, I wish it had a matte finish & moisturized better.
4) Perfecting Protection spf 30- sometimes balls up & leaves a white residue but I make it work by applying RIGHT after moisturizer while skin is still moist.

Night regime:
1) Cleanse w/ Blemish bar w/Olay cleansing brush.
2) Tone w/ Smoothing Toner-burns like hell everywhere but my forehead, I do not like it and only use on forehead for congestion.
3) Acne Gel- A great acne gel at that!
4) Pigment Gel-drying and very aggressive.EEK!  Not a fan.  Not using on a regular basis.

*A&C Synergy Serum-makes my skin look orange, I do not think it is helping with discoloration but it MAY BE helping with preventing breakouts. Pretty much I feel like it's a waste of money.

Would I repurchase these products again? I will buy the Blemish Bar & the Acne gel again.  My next purchase will be gentle products. And I'm swearing off the sun lol.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beauty Obsession of the Day: Water Lilies

I love Water Lilies!  I am in love with the way they float in the water, so beautiful.  Water lilies are a symbol of beauty, tranquility and purity.

Summer Must Haves for Healthy Skin

As the weather gets warmer each day, we all need to take extra precautions when it comes to the sun.  Use these tips to keep your skin healthy and clear.

 1) SPF: Broad spectrum protects skin against damaging UVA/UVB Rays.  90% of skin damage is caused by the sun.  Wear spf, protect against skin damage and skin aging.  SPF should be worn each day of the year, rain or shine.  Don't forget chapstick with SPF 15.

2) Hydrate yourself, drink WATER!  Water flushes your system and has overall health benefits.  Put down the gatorade, soda, and coffee!

3) Wear a hat: Give yourself some extra protection from the sun and protect your eyes.  Choose a hat that is not tight and lets your forehead breathe.

4) Wear sunglasses: Your eye area tissue is very delicate and easy to damage so protect it.  Make sure they have UV protection.

5) Oil absorbing lotion or gel: The heat activates our sebaceous (oil) glands & suderiferous (sweat) glands.  using a oil absorbing or mattifying product will decrease the chance of a oily or sweaty face that leads to breakouts.

6) Oil absorbing sheets: blot your face when you feel greasy or look shiny.

 7) Acne body wash: During the summer we out are and about sweating. If you workout, you sweat and breakouts can occur on your chest, back and even arms.  Prevent body breakouts by showering immediately  after sweating with a acne body wash either containing salicylic acid (to exfoliate skin & prevent clogged pores) or benzoyl peroxide (to kill acne bacteria p.acnes).  Skin will be more sensitive so no aggressive scrubbing.

8) Cool your skin off with Aloe Vera gel.  After being in the sun all day, your skin might be a little red or sensitive and chilled aloe vera gel is perfect for relieving any skin irritation.  Store your bottle of aloe vera gel in the refrigerator.  Make sure it is does not contain dye or fragrance. Real Aloe gel is clear, not green.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beauty Obsession of the Day: Zoe Saldana

 I have been following Zoe Saldana's career since Center Stage, I absolutely love this woman!  She is spunky, chic, and a natural.  I love that she never looks over done and she allows her natural radiance to show through.

Wish List!

I have read this peel is a professional peel in a jar. It's full of antioxidants and enzymes & great for acne and fading post breakout marks. I need this in my life lol.

UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum spf, light, sheer, not greasy, perfect for oily and problem skin.  Spf is a must everyday of the year.

5% Glycolic mask for dull, lackluster, ashy skin=Radiant skin.

Stop breakouts in their tracks. Heals, exfoliates skin and absorbs oil, toxins, and impurities. Dying to use as a spot treatment =).

A potent peel with Lactic acid, Salicylic acid, Pineapple enzyme, and amino acids that makes skin glow.

Serum that strengthens immune system, prevents acne, and reduces sensitivity. I'm in!

Fights free radicals, brightens, detoxifies, and strengthens skin.  I am obsessed with turmeric so this is a must buy.

Day moisturizer spf 25 with superfoods that fights aging and gives skin a natural glow.
Soy proteins brighten and neutralize sebum production giving skin a radiance and youthful GLOW.  Can be used a great moisturizer as well.

My dehydrated skin would love this!  Moisturizes skin, before or after makeup application, skin becomes instantly radiant, improves elastin & collagen, and minimizes lines & wrinkles. HEY NOW!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make Your Skin Glow with Turmeric

Turmeric is well known as a cooking spice, but also a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.  With these properties, turmeric makes a great skin care ingredient.  I have created home-made facial masks, scrubs and spot treatments with turmeric and absolutely stand by its ability to heal skin, even out skin tone, and give a nice glow to a complexion.

Turmeric contains  a compound called Curcumin.  Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that helps heal damaged skin caused by UV rays, environmental factors and psoriasis.  It prevents the formation of damaging free radicals (they cause sun spots) and slows down the spreading of free radicals, has anti-cancer and healthy liver benefits.  Turmeric is also 2x stronger then Vitamin C or Vitamin E and is available as a supplement as well.  Turmeric is also great for stretch marks, acne, body scrubs, masks, reducing unwanted pigmentation & evening skin tone, fighting free radicals, skin rashes, burns, reduces facial hair growth, minor cuts, gum infection, anemia, and diarrhea.

Home-made turmeric concoctions can me mixed with plain yogurt, gram flour, lemon, or milk.  I do suggest using turmeric on skin at night, because the spice can stain skin. Gentle wash skin again in the morning with cleanser.  There are products available that contain turmeric already and can be used anytime of the day.  JUARA Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask is a non-drying mask that brightens, detoxifies, and strengthens skin.  Super By Nicholas Perricone Day Light Savings Spf 25 Moisturizer is a great day moisturizer that gives skin a nice glow.