Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ultrasound Skin Scrubber

With all the new skincare technology being released each year, it makes you wonder which one actually works? I recently took a advanced class on ultrasound for skin. I came to class with a substancial amount of irritation from a hydroquinone treatment. After using the ultrasound on myself, my irritation cleared and healed much faster. My random papules cleared and my skin was baby soft! I was immediately hooked. The ultrasound machine uses sonic waves that vibrate at 1 million vibrations per second. The stainless steel scrubber brush oscillates as it glides across your skin. This offers a extremely deep cleansing and increased circulation of the skin.

The main benefits of the ultrasound skin scrubber include, helps carry away inflammatory agents & allergens from the skin and helps bring oxygen, nutrients into the skin. The ultrasound skin scrubber is applied between 1mhz-3mhz. A higher frequency does not mean better results, but overuse can damage tissue. By using the ultrasound skin scrubber you will get a extra deep cleansing and evidence of dirt, oil, debri will remain on the edge of the scrubber wand. It may sound gross, but after you get all the gunk out of your skin, you will be ecstatic with the final outcome of your skin.

Benefits of Ultrasound Treatments
Improves blood circulation
Increases cell regeneration (Collagen and Elastin)
Improves acne, congested, oily skin and reduces pore size
Soothes inflammation and speeds wound healing
Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
Aides in product penetration
Firms tissue
Reduces hyperpigmentation, melasma and sun damage
Reduces puffiness
Helps hold moisture in skin
Can relax muscles
Can improve appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
Helps break up scars, including keloids

The ultrasound machine has four modalities, including cleanse, peeling, lifting, and toning. Cleanse is great for thin and sensitive skin. Peeling is great for acne, oily and congested skin. Lifting and Toning will give a tightening affect to the skin. The wand requires a conductive gel to reach skin and increase circulation. Aloe Vera gel or your favorite serum works well, allowing the wand to glide across skin and increase circulation. Not only does this wonder tool remove dirt, oil, debri from your pores, its also can give a non-invasive skin tightening effect. It can target structures in the dermis and subcutaneous (where collagen and elastin are found) and stimulate production. Feel free to ask your esthetician to focus on a specific area, like the jowls or lower face-ultrasound gives a great tightening effect. Ultrasound can be used on the face and body, but not around the eyes.
Ultrasound treatments are available at most day spas and medical spas today. You can even purchase your own skin scrubber by Bliss 'Pore'-Fector gadget.   

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