Saturday, July 9, 2011

PCA Update Acne & Hyperpigmentation

I have been using PCA products for 30 days now.  When I received my order, I jumped right in and started using each and every product. I have been getting compliments on how good my skin is looking and it feels great!  Then the weather started heating up, not a good combination for my oily/acne prone skin.  The sun has been my enemy for some time now, I usually avoid it at all costs.  I do not want my hyperpigmentation getting any darker.  I have been outside ALOT over the past few weeks, which has altered the color of my skin and is very disappointing.  Not PCA's fault at all.  My face is dramatically clearer, thank you PCA.  I still have some stubborn clogged pores on my forehead and I am in desperate need of a facial with major extractions.  I like to leave that to someone else, as I become antsy working on my own skin.

My skin is very sensitive and was noticing ALOT of peeling and dehydrated skin.  The products are extremely strong for my sensitive skin.  I have eased off using the serums 2x a day to 1x a day & upped the Clear Skin moisturizer.  I then noticed the CeraVe foaming cleanser and moisturizing lotion was causing irritation.  I discontinued use of CeraVe and the irritation vanished. 

My current Day regime:
1) Cleanse with blemish bar w/ Olay Cleansing brush- I am in LOVE with both!
2)  Apply THIN layer of Acne gel all over face or spot treat-can be too aggressive and burn skin if too much is used. Add pigment gel every other day.
3) Clearskin moisturizer-gives my skin a shiny appearance, I wish it had a matte finish & moisturized better.
4) Perfecting Protection spf 30- sometimes balls up & leaves a white residue but I make it work by applying RIGHT after moisturizer while skin is still moist.

Night regime:
1) Cleanse w/ Blemish bar w/Olay cleansing brush.
2) Tone w/ Smoothing Toner-burns like hell everywhere but my forehead, I do not like it and only use on forehead for congestion.
3) Acne Gel- A great acne gel at that!
4) Pigment Gel-drying and very aggressive.EEK!  Not a fan.  Not using on a regular basis.

*A&C Synergy Serum-makes my skin look orange, I do not think it is helping with discoloration but it MAY BE helping with preventing breakouts. Pretty much I feel like it's a waste of money.

Would I repurchase these products again? I will buy the Blemish Bar & the Acne gel again.  My next purchase will be gentle products. And I'm swearing off the sun lol.

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