Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Choose a Foundation

Stumped on what foundation you should be using?  Take into consideration your skin type and needed coverage.  Apply in this order: 1. Moisturizer 2. Spf 30+
3. Primer 4. Foundation 5. Concealer 6. Powder (to set your canvas.)
How to Choose a Foundation

  1. Liquid: For all skin types and offers sheer to full coverage.  The easiest to apply.  Apply with foundation brush, flat top brush or clean fingers.
  2. Stick/Cream: Dry or mature skin and full coverage.  Often has moisturizing benefits.  Apply with stick or foundation brush and blend out with brush.
  3. Powder: Oily skin and buildable coverage.  Wear sheer to full coverage.  Apply with a kabuki brush (foundation) or fluffy powder brush (setting powder).
  4. Cream to Powder: Oily skin and full coverage.  Dries to a matte finish.  Apply with sponge or foundation brush.
  5. Mineral: Option for those wanting a more natural foundation and have sensitive skin.  Apply with kabuki brush  or fluffy powder brush. 
  6. Tinted Moisturizer: For a sheer wash of color on any skin type.
  • Blend, blend, blend your foundation for the most natural and seamless look. Avoid a line of demarcation and blend, this means blend a little foundation further down your jaw and on your neck.
  • Test foundations in natural light and try a sample first if possible.
  • The correct shade will disappear on your skin.
  • Clean brushes once a week.  Soak for 15 minutes in a cup of warm water and anti-bacterial fragrance free dish soap.  Do not fully immerse bristles, this will loosen the glue binding the hairs to the brush.  Thoroughly rinse brush with warm water till clear, squeeze excess water and lay flat on a paper towel until dry. 

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