Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trying out Vitamin E oil as a Moisturizer

"The Spring Valley Vitamin E Skin Oil 12000 IU is an excellent moisturizer which keeps your skin supple and healthy. It also softens your rough skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles present in your skin. The Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant which prevents formation of free radicals on your skin cells. The skin burn moisturizer prevents water loss from your skin and restores the normal oil balance of the skin. You can apply the vitamin E oil in your skin directly or can be soaked in a bathtub to be used as a massage."-Spring Valley 

I know this sounds weird for someone with oily skin, but it has really improved my skin.  My skin was dehydrated from acne products.  I picked up the oil at Grocery outlet for $1.99 and didn't bother reading the label.  After applying this oil, I noticed it also contained coconut oil & soybean oil.  I almost had a panic attack, but I thought I'd leave in on and see what happens.  The oil seemed to work with my skin, left my skin moisturized.  I previously tried applying Vitamin E capsules directly on my skin- I broke out AND had a allergic reaction.  Everyones skin is different, treating acne can have unpredictable outcomes

Over the years, my skin has become less oily with age.  During middle school, high school and college my skin was a greasy mess.  You could fry a egg on it.  My acne was hormonal and inflamed.  Now my skin has calmed down, but I do deal with congestion and breakouts.

What to Know about Spring Valley Vitamin E Oil
  • Moisturizes and balances my skin.
  • Improves the appearance of acne marks (hyper pigmentation).
  • Not a greasy oil, but light.
  • Great for face, body and hair.
       Bottom line: As a skincare professional I do not suggest using Vitamin E topically (directly on skin) it is highly comedogenic(pore clogging).  It is thought to heal scars effectively, but if you are acne prone this is a big NO NO.  I use this only my my feet, elbows, knees.


  1. As a skincare professional why would you buy and put on your skin something you didn't read the label first? Second, vitamin E doesn't go on skin directly, its difficult to absorb which is why you probably broke out. It needs a carrier oil to act as a vehicle to penetrate the skin. This is why many people put the oil in their lotions and other oils and why this particular skin E oil is a blended with other skin nourishing and health promoting oils.

  2. Dear "Anonymous",

    This was a experiment to show my readers and friends who are interested in using Vitamin E oil on acne prone skin. A close friend was convinced Vitamin E could be used on her acne prone skin, so I test drove this product to show her it's not suited for facial use. It's a $2 purchase that can be used all over the body and which I enjoy using on my feet, along with a variety of other products. Have a nice day.


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