Friday, March 16, 2012

Turn Back the Clock OR Zap Blemishes with Tanda Light Therapy

LED (Light Emitting Diode) has become a staple in day spa treatments.  Tanda allows you to get quick and effective results right at home.  Red light therapy for anti-aging and blue for fading and healing blemishes in less than 24 hours!!  Starting at $195, this at home device will save you money instead of dropping $90 for a LED treatment at the spa.

As we age our skins ability to regenerate slows down, making skin appear dull, rough, red, with more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles.  Tanda Luxe (Red light) improves and boosts cellular energy, increases circulation, increases production of collagen and elastin.  This technology works on skin from the inside out, allowing skin the opportunity to look and feel younger & rejuvenated.  Firm, plump, fight dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and moisturize dry skin for younger glowing skin.

Blue light for acne treatment is also available in the Tanda Clear $195 and, or Zap $49.  Sonic Vibrations reduce swelling and inflammation, while warming from light energy opens pores and permitting blue light to reach bacteria deep in pores.  This combination fade blemishes in less then 24 hours! Blue light therapy works by producing oxygen, killing p.acnes (acne bacteria) immediately. 

  • Fast & effective treatment of fine lines & wrinkles in 2 treatments a week.
  • 6000 uses with 3 minute treatments.
  • No cartridges, batteries, or chemicals.
  • Cordless & rechargable.
  • Clinical proven results & Dermatologist recommended.
  • FDA cleared & Health Canada approved.
  • Interchangeable heads, switch Tanda Luxe & Tanda Clear Systems.


  1. Acne lights are actually blue LED light, and devices provide this blue light color effectively, safely and painlessly. Red light is also used, considered the most important light therapy treatment for skin care since it can be used for more than just acne such as aging, dry skin, and other skin disorders.

  2. light therapy is actually depends on type of skin with respect to different ages with different types of skin

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