Saturday, July 28, 2012

Restore Vital Moisture with Murad Toners

I have often overlooked this step in my skin regime because I never found the right toner.  Why do we need a toner anyway?  Moisture.  Your skin will hold in more moisture, allowing it to look younger longer.  Toner will also pull products (treatments, serums, creams) deeper into the skin and removes hard water residue.  A hydrating toner or one full of antioxidants can hydrate, revive, replenish, brighten and soothe skin.  Throw out the 100% witch hazel, its too harsh and drying on skin (and contains too high percentage of alcohol.)  Witch hazel should only be used in tiny amounts mixed with hydrators and antioxidants.  When the skin is dry and dehydrated it will wrinkle faster, so hydrate hydrate hydrate.  Prevention is your best option, so start early if you can.  Mature skin will need toner, anti aging serum, weekly exfoliating, bi weekly facials and a rich moisturizer to keep revive skin.  If you start early, all you will need is maintenance.

Toner also allows serums and treatments to lock into skin.  Remember moisture attracts moisture.  Applying products to thirty skin will not allow for proper benefits to take affect.  The skin will still be thirsty-so quench it. =)
I alternate between the two toners below and am thrilled with both products.  My skin looks and feels healthier, smoother, supple and happy (with no breakouts!)  Before these toners my skin appeared and felt dehydrated (even with my oily skin), tight, uncomfortable and sometimes itchy.  For those with oily and acne prone skin like myself-toner is essential so make your skin happy!

Murad Hydrating Toner:  Great for ultra hydration, dehydrated skin, restores suppleness, neutralizes surface impurities, soothing & calms irritation with chamomile and cucumber.  I use daily and am thrilled with how my skin looks and feels! $24 Lady J Favorite

Murad Essential C Toner:  Contains Vitamin C, brightens skin, strengthens skin, hydrates (binds water to skin).  A amazing refresher throughout hot summer days! Not suitable for acne prone skin.  $26

6 fl oz.
Murad Available @ Murad, Sephora, Massage Envy


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