Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beauty Obsession of the Day: Bold Brows

I have been obsessed with thick and full brows most of life, probably because mine are never full enough!  Brows frame the face and can make you or break you.  To get a nice brow shape, go to a esthetician or cosmetologist.  Chances are if you like their brow shape and you have the hair to work with, they can give you a nice shape to frame your face.  If you see someone with a nice brow, don't be afraid to ask her who shapes them.  I would not suggest going to a random place to get them waxed.  You will not be pleased with the results.  A bad brow job can take months to grow back and some may not grow back at all.  Rogaine is a favorite of mine, just apply to the brow area. 

My favorite products to define and set my brows are a eyebrow comb, angled brush, aloe vera gel (to set brows), wet n' wild eye liner, e.l.f. essentials Brightening Eye Color in "Brownstone" or NYX cosmetics eyebrow cake powder.  Remember, use a shade lighter then your haircolor or it will look to harsh on your brows.  My hair is black, I use dark brown pencil and powder. Feather in liner or powder in short hair like strokes so your brows look natural and fabulously full!

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