Sunday, June 26, 2011

Benefits of Waxing at The European Wax Center

I have always been a fanatic about removing excess hair, so when I discovered The European Wax Center I was very excited. The wax center has a 4 step process designed to cleanse, protect, wax and rejuvenate the skin.  They offer affordable waxing for men and women, with four Guest Savings Programs.  You may also sample a service FREE.  Women : bikini line,eye brow or underarm.  Men : Eye brow, ear or nose wax.

1) Referral program : Refer a friend and receive $5 off your next visit & Platinum rewards members get $10 per referral.
2) Unlimited wax pass : Purchase 1 year of services, unlimited waxing. Available for bikini, eye brow, under arm, full face services.  First time guests purchase unlimited wax pass on 1st visit & receive 13 months, instead of 12.
3) Prepaid wax pass : Buy 6 (of same service) get 1 free, Buy 9 (of same service) get 2 free, first time guests buy 9 (of same service), get 3 free.
4) Platinum rewards program : Earn rewards points for enrollment, pre-booking, online booking, guest referrals, retail purchases, gift card purchases and much more!  Every 1,000 rewards points equals $10 in-store value.

The European Wax center  is extremely clean, comfortable, does not allow double dipping, no recycled wax and offers exclusive gentle wax made in Paris.  I wasn't convinced a wax could be "gentle" on skin, until I tried their wax.  The hard wax is made of 100% natural beeswax, the finest of polymers, and contains no alcohol.  Yes hard wax from head to toe- no strip wax.  I was very relieved their wax did not break me out as well.  I just had silky smooth skin!

Waxing has its benefits as well.  Waxing every 3-4 weeks is recommended. It exfoliates dead skin cells, makes hair grow back slower, finer meaning less pain each visit and super soft skin.  They also offer retail products that promote soft skin, prevent & treat ingrown hairs and relieve skin irritation.  I am here to tell you each of their products works and must be used on a daily basis to continue working!  Each product is also film free and does not leave a residue on skin that can clog pores, creating breakouts or ingrown hairs.

*Ingrown Hair Serum prevents ingrown hairs and breakouts.
*Post Wax Exfoliate gently refines and polishes skin between waxing.
*Slow It Body Wash cleanses and hydrates skin.  
*Slow It Body Lotion nourishes and protects skin between waxing.
*Shape It conditions and holds your eyebrows in place with a light shine.
*Restore It stimulated brow hair growth in 4-6 weeks and conditions hair.

If you purchase the entire line, you receive 20% off!  Try The European Wax Center FREE, you won't regret it! 

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