Saturday, June 18, 2011

PCA Skin Care Whipped My Skin into Shape!

I have struggled with my problem skin for over 12 years. I have oily/acne/hyperpigmented/sensitive skin.  I have been on every oral acne medication there is, except accutane. I believed at one point I would need it. I have also used every over the counter acne product known to man. I am a thrifty person, so when I started reading about PCA and other more professional skincare lines I was reluctant to spend so much money. I deceided after much thought that I have researched the line, read plenty of reviews (great reviews by the way), why NOT?  I am EXTREMELY glad I paid the money, because my skin has never looked better! I saw a difference after one nights use of their products.

My skin on my forehead was congested, that cleared right up, my skin not only looked smoother, it was smoother and had a glow. The products lifted alot of dead skin cells and is in the process of evening my hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone from acne and sun damage).  I purchased The Blemish Control Bar, Smoothing Toner, Acne Gel, Pigment Gel (HQ), A&C Synergy Serum, ClearSkin, Perfecting Protection SPF 30. I use these products in combination with the Olay Cleansing Brush.  My skin care goal for myself is to correct and maintain my skin so I will not have to wear foundation. It will be a while to obtain that goal, but I can be patient with this. The products are effective with proven results.

The Blemish control bar is the acne cleanser. It comes in a jar with a sponge. You saturate the sponge in water, rub the sponge on the bar till you have enough product and apply the cleanser. I apply it and then use my Olay brush and let it sit on my skin for 2 minutes.  The directions suggest using once a day, I sometimes use 2x a day or rotate with my CeraVe foaming cleanser.  Then I sweep on the smooth toner. Next is are the gels..Acne gel, hands down the best acne gel I have ever used. Clogged pored decrease or even disappear overnight and allows for easier extractions.  I then apply the Pigment Gel, which should only be used for 3 months and then discontinued. Use of hydroquinone for over long periods of time will only give you the opposite effect and will DARKEN your skin.  I will be switching to their version with out hydroquinone after the 3 months.  I am using this product to restore my complexion to its original tone and correct the hyperpigmentation.  I use the A&C Synergy Serum next, it controls oil production, bacteria growth, reduces discoloration, controls breakouts. Fabulous product! This serum gives me a healthy glow.  I finish with the ClearSkin moisturizer and mix with the Perfecting Protection SPF 30. The ClearSkin calms skin, fights breakouts and bacteria. It is not greasy and does not leave a residue so skin can breathe.  The Perfecting Perfection SPF 30 is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB product that helps lighten existing and prevent hyperpigmentation.  SPF is key for lightening hyperpigmentation, with out it you are lightening but not protecting it. With out spf the areas will just darken all over again.  Everyone, no matter your skin tone should be using at least a spf 15 every day of the year.

I cannot say enough good things about these products! I am ecstatic with the fast results and what my skin will look like over the next 3 months! PCA is officially my new favorite skin care line! 


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